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Strongly serving

the Cariboo for

over 9 years!

Make Your Move With Superhero

Whether you are moving to the Caraboo or moving locations IN the Cariboo or moving to Alberta or BC, you just might need a Superhero's help along the way!
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Why Choose Superhero?

Fully licensed
& Insured
Meet the
Superhero Moving Team

My Moving Checklist

Moving can be a stressful time for any family.  There are just so many details to be considered!


To help our customer during their planning and preparations for an upcoming move, we put together the quick & easy reference guide called “My Moving Checklist."


Request your copy below.  No cost, no risk, no obligation.  It’s our hope that your “My MOVING Checklist” will help you reduce stress and stay organized so hopefully, you won’t miss any crucial details!




Up, Up and Away!


Your Superhero Moving Team

Moving House

Our Services

Our Services
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"We're here to fight

for truth, for justice

and for moving away!"


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